Sonja Trabandt works as a photojournalist, communication designer and artist in Berlin.
Born in Bremen in 1978, she grew up in Germany, Nigeria and the USA. At the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam she completed her diploma studies in Communication design in her major photography 2008 with distinction. In 2012, she received the Master of Photography from the London College of Communication (UAL), funded by the artist scholarship of the DAAD. Her works are published and exhibited internationally.Trabandt's book (Unconnected) was awarded the sittcom.award2014.

In her artistic work, Trabandt examines various emotional states and the environment that gives rise to them. Especially in her photo books but also in her exhibited installations she seeks the connection between documentary and conceptual photography and the different perception of 'reality' through visual media.


2012 Master of Photography, University of the Arts London- LCC, UK
2008 Dipl. Visual Arts/Photodesign, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, D
2002 Graduation as Photographer, Hohentwiel Gewerbschule, Singen, D


2014 SITTCOM AWARD Winner for Best Photobook at Polycopies Bookmarket, Paris Photo, F
2012 DAAD einjähriges Künstlerstipendium für London, UK
2008 Beste Absolventen, FH Potsdam, D
2002 Innungs Siegerin, Singen, D


2017 The Street Experience, Mostra Collectiva Fotografica, Millepiani Gallery, Rome, I
2016 Shifting Focus, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, D
2016 Sandcastles, GG3, Berlin, D
2015 Battue, GG3, Berlin, D
2014 The gift as a problem, GG3, Berlin, D
2013 12x12inch=148, Cellar Gallery/Raum fuer drastische Massnahmen, Berlin, D
2013 Reality Swap: the alternative Status Quo, 48h Neukölln, Artconnect, Berlin, D
2012 A Forming State, The Galleries, LCC, London, UK
2012 DAAD Show, Kingsland Road Studios, London, UK
2012 Metroland, Goodenough College, London, UK
2009 Some Bodies, Gallery ESORO, New York City, USA
2008 KO-Wettbewerb, Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam, D
2008 Applaus, Beste Absolventen, Schaufenster, Potsdam, D
2008 Casino, FH Potsdam, D


2017 Artisttalk, Extra Fort, Sonja Trabandt and Felicity Hammond, Recyl Art, Brüssel, NL
2016 Artisttalk, Sonja Trabandt, Shifting Focus, Kunstquartier Bethnaien, Berlin, D
2016 Workshop, Staging Reality, Shifting Focus, Kunstquartier Bethnaien, Berlin, D


TAZ Berlin, MONOPOL Berlin, DAS MAGAZIN Berlin, SLEEK MAGAZIN Berlin, TOKION MAGAZINE New York, CAPETOWN MAGAZINE Kapstadt, WILLMY VERLAG Nuernberg, PRESTEL VERLAG Muenchen/London/New York, ZITTY Berlin, KEITH GREEN New York, NOE Magazine Berlin

Book: 2014 Unverbunden, Einer-Books, London, UK